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Electric vehicle charging solutions to power the New York City area

Supporting the adoption of electric vehicles in New York City

Electric vehicle adoption is critical to New York’s sustainable future and decarbonization goals, and NineDot is actively supporting this transition through our project development activities.

Many of NineDot’s existing battery energy storage sites across New York City are built to host EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment). We have a robust process and strong team continually reviewing new sites suitable for EV charging. By leveraging our team’s expertise in land acquisition, power and utility service upgrades, financing and operating energy infrastructure, we can provide charging services to organizations electrifying fleets and the companies managing public and private charging hubs.

electric cars charging

Leading the charge

NineDot has been a leader in electric vehicle adoption and infrastructure development since launching New York City’s first Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) pilot at Revel’s Red Hook warehouse in Brooklyn. Working with partners Revel and Fermata Energy (and supported by the Wells Fargo Innovation Incubator and NREL), the V2G system feeds energy stored in electric vehicles back into the grid during times of peak demand, as informed by Con Edison.

NineDot has also proudly supported the Zero-Emission Vehicles for New York City Act, legislation that would require NYC to transition most of its municipal fleet to zero-emission vehicles by July 2035.

Opportunities for EV charging with NineDot

We provide sublease and charging-as-a-service solutions to private and public EV charging stakeholders.

NineDot is ready to work with real estate owners who want to develop EV charging on their property; construction firms who build EV charging infrastructure; technology providers such as automobile manufacturers; EV charging equipment suppliers (EVSE); and energy and charging management software companies looking for a trustworthy developer who understands how to navigate the New York metro area energy ecosystem.

Public charging

NYC public charging sublease at NineDot battery energy storage site

School bus electrification

L2 & V2G school bus charging
Vehicle-to-grid school bus charging
Electric school bus & ICE bus parking

Last-mile charging depot

Highway adjacent with 24x7 private access
Battery-optimized Energy Delivery

Rideshare charging

Battery-optimized rideshare van charging in NYC
24x7 private access rideshare charging

Public & private charging

V2G solar-canopy at battery energy storage site
Mixed public and private V2G charging at battery energy storage site
V2G solar-canopy at battery energy storage site

Are you looking to become a EV charging site partner, customer, landowner or tenant?