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Generate more value from your energy bill

Subscribing to a NineDot battery project is good for your enterprise or institution — and good for your community too.

How battery storage credits work

How battery storage credits work

NineDot’s energy storage sites operate under the Value of Distributed Energy Resources (VDER) Value Stack program, established by the New York Public Service Commission to encourage development of clean energy sites that benefit local electric networks.

When battery sites respond to the electric utility’s calls to export power during high-stress periods, they receive VDER credits, which are then virtually allocated to remote subscribers’ monthly utility bills. In turn, NineDot invoices our subscribers for these credits, often at a discount.

Battery storage Remote Crediting agreements are similar to community solar Distributed Generation contracts, but with a different implementation mechanism.

Subscribing to battery storage sites is a great way for an organization to lower its energy costs while supporting New York’s energy transition!

LL97 Carbon Emissions
Source: Building Efficiency Services

Subscribing to battery storage sites may help reduce LL97 fines

Starting in 2024, Local Law 97 (LL97) sets limits on the allowable greenhouse gas emissions of covered buildings to help New York City reach its goal of a 40% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from buildings by the year 2030, and 80% reduction in citywide emissions by 2050.

NineDot projects can generate carbon reduction credits for subscribers to offset LL97 fines commencing in 2024. The specific amounts are determined based on the NYC Dept. of Buildings time-of-use calculator, derived by comparing the emissions profile of energy involved in charging vs. discharging our batteries. Receiving LL97 deductions is another great benefit of being a battery storage subscriber.

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It's easy to become a battery storage subscriber

  1. Meet the NineDot team and learn about our specific energy offerings
  2. Share information for ConEd / PSEG-LI electric accounts including energy consumption, supply costs and recent bills, as well as LL97 fines, if applicable
  3. Discuss estimated cost and carbon savings with NineDot
  4. Execute the Remote Crediting (RC) Subscription Agreement
  5. Get ready for your first on-bill credits!

Interested in subscribing your business or organization to a NineDot Energy battery site?