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Leading the way in urban clean energy


Community-scale clean energy solutions

We build community-scale energy systems that support a more resilient electric grid, deliver economic savings and reduce carbon emissions. Our current focus is on the New York City area (including Westchester and Long Island), which is moving fast in deploying urban clean energy solutions. With a growing portfolio of projects across a range of technologies, and an emphasis on battery storage, we are leading the way to urban clean energy.

Man speaking to seated group of people about developing clean energy storage sites

We understand the urban clean energy puzzle

Developing storage sites in a city like New York requires working with partners across the energy ecosystem:

  • Landowners providing sites for our energy solutions
  • Customers ready to benefit from clean energy credits
  • Regulators eager for committed developers
  • Policymakers excited to improve their communities
  • Technology providers looking for partners who get
    things done
Expert working on an energy project

Think global, work local

Community-scale distributed energy projects are our sweet spot – small enough to provide hyper-local power grid benefits that maximize reliability and resiliency, and large enough to gain economies of scale. Our local expertise and real-world experience allow us to make the biggest impact in the global energy transition.

Real projects, real news

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