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Urban energy storage solves an urgent problem

Clean, distributed, community-scale energy solutions can untangle New York’s grid problems

unorganized power lines
Battery storage is critical for New York

It's time for urban grids to transition away from old, dirty "peaker" plants

In New York, our community-scale battery sites store and discharge electricity for an evolving power grid. Real-time flexibility supports new sources of grid demand, like beneficial electrification, and new sources of clean energy generation, like variable renewables.

Cities deserve clean energy solutions

NineDot delivers world-class benefits to the environment, energy infrastructure and end users through our community-scale energy solutions

Cities deserve clean energy solutions

Distributed battery storage serves the electric grid by storing the energy locally and discharging at times and locations that are critical to reducing reliance on dirty, costly and inefficient “peaker” power plants — making the electric system cleaner and more resilient.

Battery energy storage systems charge up from the power grid when energy is cheaper and often cleaner and export back to the grid when the power grid is overstressed, unstable, costly and dirty.

We can help provide lower-cost energy to our customers in the local community by optimizing supply around timing, incentives and technologies.

New York State set a goal to reach 100% clean energy by 2040. Batteries are designed to store wind, solar and hydro power when it’s made and release it when there’s demand, and will play a key role in decarbonizing New York’s electric grid. We align with these programs to maximize the impact of our projects:

  • NYSERDA: New York’s clean energy agency promotes the deployment of battery energy storage systems across the state.
  • ConEdison & PSEG-Long Island: The Value of Distributed Energy Resources program is designed to compensate battery projects that provide power to maximize benefits to the local power grid.
  • New York City Local Law 97: New York City’s pioneering Climate Mobilization Act supports the adoption of clean distributed energy resources (DERs) by building owners across the city.
Collaboration across the industry is key

Collaboration will make it happen

NineDot Energy works with an exceptional group of backers, vendors and organizations to bring our clean energy systems to life — from landowners, developers and financiers to regulators, legislators and community leaders.

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