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How NineDot is fitting big battery storage into the Big Apple

Renewable Energy World: Have you ever attempted the nine dots puzzle? The object is to connect nine dots (arranged in [...]

Long wary of batteries, New York’s now poised to go big on energy storage

Canary Media: A clean grid will need a lot of batteries to balance out the ups and downs of solar and [...]

NineDot Energy raises $225M for community batteries

Axios: Neighborhood energy storage developer NineDot Energy has raised another $225 million to install batteries in and around New York City, [...]

NineDot Energy Raises $225 Million in Equity Financing to Build and Operate Distributed Battery Energy Storage Projects

Announcement: NineDot Energy®, the leading developer of community-scale battery energy storage systems (BESS) in the New York City metropolitan area, [...]

NYC’s Non-Profit Cleantech Accelerator Boasts 88% Success Rate

The Energy Mix: A non-profit clean technology accelerator in Brooklyn is claiming an 88% success rate for the climate solution start-ups [...]

NineDot Energy and BBL Clean Energy Mural Reveal

Bronx Better Learning: Karlene Buckle, Bronx Charter School for Better Learning Enrichment Manager, shares her thoughts on the Clean Energy [...]

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